About us

The Krakow School of Jazz and Contemporary Music offers secondary level of music education, preparing students to professional work.
The school was founded in September 1994 at the Youth Centre of Culture in Krakow.
In 2001 in the process of development the school became an independent, private institution, registered and authorized by the Ministry of Culture. Initially the school educated 40 students. The number has been steadily growing to reach the amount of 150 students.
The school’s faculty members are professional musicians, graduates of music academies, playing in jazz bands and jazz-rock groups. Besides, the school cooperates with outstanding artists both from Poland and abroad. An interesting and modern educational program and excellent, well-prepared teachers have attracted students not only from Southern Poland, but also from other parts of the country and from abroad (e.g. Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Greece, Iran, Turkey, Ukraine, Italy, Spain).
More details about available classes can be found in the school program section (Polish only).

Additionally, the school organizes:

  • Master classes and workshops, ie. Cracow Groove Lab

or cooperates on projects:

Students and teachers take part in various international cultural projects organized by the City of Krakow.

Krakow School of Jazz and Contemporary Music is a member of International Association of Schools of Jazz (IASJ) and hosted the 15th Annual IASJ Jazz Meeting in Krakow.

Please contact us at info@jazz.krakow.pl if you need any further information (e.g. about enrollment process, upcoming school year, etc.).